Analog technology Fiction and truth, November 2014, quantity CXXXIV No. 11
Trevor Quachri, editor
Cover artwork via Joshua Meehan


"Flow" via Arlan Andrews Sr.

"Persephone Descending" by way of Derek Kunsken

Short Stories
"Superior Sapience" by way of Robert R. Chase
"An workout in Motivation" by way of Ian Creasey
"Habeas Corpus Callosum" by way of Jay Werkheiser
"Conquest" through Bud Sparhawk
"Elysia Elysium" via V. G. Campen
"Mercy, Killer" via Auston Habershaw

"Fieldnotes" via Lola Haskins

Science Fact
"Predictable Futures: weather Fiction and weather Fact" through W.R.L. Anderegg

Guest Editorial: "Living in Indignation" through Richard A. Lovett
Alternate View: "Inflation and the Swirls of Gravity" through John G. Cramer

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Best science fiction books

Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories

Bears detect hearth is the 1st brief tale assortment via the main acclaimed technological know-how fiction writer of the last decade, writer of such very good novels as conversing guy and Voyage to the pink Planet. It brings jointly nineteen of Bisson's best works for the 1st time in a single quantity, between them the darkly comedian identify tale, which garnered the field's maximum honors, together with the Hugo, Nebula, Theodore Sturgeon, and Locus awards.

The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke, Volume 1: History Lesson

From Amazon. com:

In the identify tale of this assortment, Earth has entered its ultimate ice age—precipitated through the cooling of the solar. during this forbidding weather, a small tribe of nomadic human survivors travels towards the equator prior to glaciers relocating down from the North Pole, wearing with them a handful of relics from the twenty first century—and racing opposed to the ice to maintain them from annihilation.

This assortment is a show off of groundbreaking tales that combat with the ethical, mental, and moral implications of clinical advancement—written by way of one of many most suitable technological know-how fiction authors of our time.

The Colony: A Novel

A sequence of ugly assaults were sweeping long island urban. A instructor in Harlem and sanitation staff on Wall road are came upon useless, their swollen our bodies approximately dissolved from the interior out. The predator is a perilous supercolony of ants--an military of 1 trillion infantrymen with razor-sharp claws that pierce dermis like paper and stinging venom that liquefies its prey.

The Yellow Arrow

The most personality, Andrei, is a passenger aboard the Yellow Arrow, who starts off to depression over the trains final vacation spot and appears for how out because the chapters count number down. detached to their destiny, the opposite passengers stick with it as ordinary — buying and selling in nickel melted down fro the carriage doorways, attending the higher Bunk avant-garde theatre, and leafing via Pasternak’s Early Trains.

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She had legs but they were strangely segmented; breasts but not the breasts my lips and fingers knew; her hands were blunt, her face was blank and her hips and what I can only call her mind were bone-white. " I felt—I knew—I had always been dreaming and only this was real. The space around me was a blank and endless gray. "Life" had been a dream; this was all there was. I drifted. I seemed to have a body again, although it was not in my control. For hours, centuries, eternities we drifted through a world as small as a coffin, yet never reached an end.

Show a little pride. Imagine what it's like for white people. " "We were told to come here and see you because I'm—" "I'm a woman too, I can tell. At ease. Sit down, you both look tired. " "Suit yourself. Now, how can I help you? " "Negative, honey. No way. If you were both sterile, or overage, maybe. But nobody's going to give you kids a same-race if you are already PG. Not with active replicator AAs in such short supply. " "Very funny. And watch our kids fry. But seriously, you don't have to get married to have a child.

And whether you kids like it or not, the old days when our resources were squandered and hoarded by special interests are over. Your genetic heritage is a part of the priceless national endowment of every man, woman, and child in America, not just your private property to dispose of as you please. " "You guess! " "Enough, young lady. I am sentencing you to nine months at Catskill Tolerance Development Camp, or until the baby is born, followed by nine years at Point Pleasant Repeat Pregnancy Farm.

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