By Nevin B. Scrimshaw, James Vogel (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1489967893

ISBN-13: 9781489967893

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COP counts how many times ET is equal to eight. After the inner loop is finished, the program reaches Line 70 and asks: is ET equal to eight? IF ET equals eight THEN the counter COP gets bumped up by one. Now we need to close off the outer loop we started back on Line 10 and calculate the estimated probability. 0 means 100 percent probable. Since the probability of getting eight heads from flipping 10 coins equals the number of trials in 100 that get exactly eight heads divided by the total number of trials, we add: 90 100 P = COP/(TR-I) PRINT "THE ESTIMATED PROBABILITY IS ";P RUN the program (it takes several seconds).

Almost all programs involving sprites start with declaring the variable V to have the value 53248, the first address in the VIC II switchboard. If we want to fiddle with the other 46 addresses, or control registers, we can simply POKE in an increment of V such as POKE V + 21 rather than POKE 53269. Besides making the address numbers shorter and easier to remember, POKE V + a number reduces the chance of typos that could lead to a panicky [RUN/STOP):[RESTORE). PROGRAM PROJECT Note that Sprites 0, 1, and 3 are solid blocks, while the rest are flickering odd patterns.

Here is a sample Line 40 for you to change. If you have a similar error in a different line, follow these directions. 89 : REM ADSR2 Bring your cursor up to this Line 40 or to your LISTed line. Then bring it over the semicolon after 88. When the cursor is flashing on the semicolon, press a colon on your keyboard. Now move the cursor over the A in P AKE and type in an O. Hit [RETURN] to enter your corrections. If you don't, the screen may look right but the version inside the computer won't have changed.

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