By Michael Alexander Kirkwood Halliday, Christian M. I. M. Matthiessen

ISBN-10: 0340761679

ISBN-13: 9780340761670

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At the same time, of course, what is being said about any 19 THE ARCHITECTURE OF LANGUAGE one aspect also contributes to the total picture; but in that respect as well it is important to recognize where everything fits in. There are many reasons for adopting this systemic perspective; one is that languages evolve — they are not designed, and evolved systems cannot be explained simply as the sum of their parts. Our traditional compositional thinking about language needs to be, if not replaced by, at least complemented by a ‘systems’ thinking whereby we seek to understand the nature and the dynamic of a semiotic system as a whole (cf.

As parts of tree). Thus in the text by Nelson Mandela, in the environment of trees, jacaranda and mimosa suggest other flowering varieties of tree (and also resonate with flower); personal and national encompass other contexts of intermediate scope, such as regional and familial. Pretoria and the bushveld are parts of (this beautiful) country — its capital city and its open countryside; and they similarly suggest all the other parts. joy is related to happiness, gladness and pleasure, and also to its opposites sadness and distress.

The second part deals with systems at other ranks; and also those of the information unit, which is the grammatical reflex of the phonological tone group. The final chapter will describe movement across the rank scale, one of the forms taken by grammatical metaphor. Systems at every rank are located in their metafunctional context; this means, therefore, that every system has its address in some cell of a metafunction – rank matrix, as shown schematically in Figure 1-13 and in more detail in Chapter 2, Table 2(8) (p.

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