By Kristin Mulrooney

ISBN-10: 0071601376

ISBN-13: 9780071601375

Decode ASL with tips from a Gallaudet collage professor and a useful DVD

. nice as a complement to a high-school or collage. path or for self-study, American signal Language. Demystified walks you step by step during the basics. of this visible language. At your personal speed, you'll research simple grammar buildings, notice the nuances of physique language in ASL, grasp the best way to show time as opposed to verb stressful in different languages, and construct an invaluable ASL vocabulary of symptoms and phrases.


Throughout the e-book you could video display your growth via self-tests, and a entire ultimate examination on the finish of the ebook supplies speedy suggestions on new language abilities. The publication additionally positive factors a hundred and fifty images of signing in growth in addition to a 90-minute DVD of words and conversations in ASL.

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In ASL, you can have a sentence with just a verb and an object if the subject has already been mentioned in the discourse (for example, in the prior sentence). It is also possible to identify the subject based on the signer’s body position. Here are a couple of examples: PRO-1 BORROW BOOK. READ BOOK BOY RECEIVE BALL PRO-X. KICK BALL In the first example, PRO-1 BORROW BOOK. READ BOOK, the first sentence is in SVO word order. These sentences are translated as “I borrowed the book. ” The second sentence is VO word order.

Suppose the signer is a snowboarding coach and is recruiting students at a high school to join her squad. The sequence might look something like this: Perhaps you can’t decide between two sports. MAYBE PRO-X CAN’T-DECIDE 2 SPORTS There is snowboarding, and there is swimming. SNOWBOARD (left extended point) PROSWIM (right extended point) Chapter 2 Body Language and Facial Expressions 27 Each has pros and cons. EACH HAVE POSITIVE NEGATIVE For example, snowboarding . . EXAMPLE (walk to the left) SNOWBOARD .

If we rearrange the sounds into / t /, / æ /, / p /, a new word (tap) is created, which has a different meaning than pat. Each segment of sound is made of a specific group of features. If any one of the features in the segment is changed, the sound is produced differently. Let’s compare the spoken English words pat and bat. 2 identifies the features for producing each sound. 2 Comparison of the Pronunciation of Pat and Bat Pat Place of articulation Manner of articulation Voiced/voiceless /p/ Bilabial Stop Voiceless /æ/ Low, lax, front Stop /b/ Bilabial Stop Voiced /æ/ Low, lax, front /t/ Alveolar Voiceless Bat Place of articulation Manner of articulation Voiced/voiceless: /t/ Alveolar Stop Voiceless The / p / segment, for instance, has three features: bilabial, stop, and voiceless.

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