By Lyn O'Brien-Nabors

ISBN-10: 0824704371

ISBN-13: 9780824704377

A survey of the wide box of sucrose choices, detailing medical info, technical functions, and regulatory rankings for a wide range of sweeteners. It highlights the swap in prestige of saccharin, the elevated use of polyols, and the chances supplied through the provision of various substitute sweeteners and their makes use of together. This 3rd version comprises new chapters on neotame, tagatose, trehalose, erythritol, and aspartame-acesulfame salt.

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Compared with threshold concentrations of sucrose (typically 2–3%), the potency of alitame increases to about 2900 times that of sucrose. This phenomenon is typical of high-potency sweeteners. Use of higher concentrations of alitame allows preparation of solutions with a sweetness intensity equivalent to sucrose solutions of 40% or greater. The sweetness of alitame is of a high quality, sucroselike, without accompanying bitter or metallic notes often typical of high-potency sweeteners. The sweetness of alitame develops rapidly in the mouth and lingers slightly, in a manner similar to that of aspartame.

26. M Uihlein. Bestimmung von Acesulfam, einem neuen Su¨ssstoff, in Serum mittels Hochdruckflu¨ssigkeitschromatographie. Dtsch Lebensm Rdsch 74:157, 1977. 27. TH Grenby, MG Saldanha. Studies of the inhibitory action of intense sweeteners on oral microorganisms relating to dental health. Caries Res 20:17, 1986. 28. HA Linke. Adherence of Streptococcus mutans to smooth surface in the presence of artificial sweeteners. Microbios 36:41, 1983. 29. SC Ziesenitz, G Siebert. Nonnutritive sweeteners as inhibitors of acid formation by oral microorganisms.

4 calories per gram is clearly insignificant at the use levels in the diet. IX. SAFETY Alitame has been evaluated in the extensive series of studies designed to establish its safety as a sweetener in the human diet. A list of the major studies completed is shown in Table 4. On the basis of substantial safety factors determined in these studies, it is concluded that alitame is safe for its intended use as a component of the diet of man. The appropriateness of the animal studies is supported by the fact that the major metabolites of the compound are common to laboratory animals and man.

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