By Neil Hindman

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This e-book -now in its moment revised and prolonged variation -is a self-contained exposition of the idea of compact correct semigroupsfor discrete semigroups and the algebraic houses of those gadgets. The tools utilized within the e-book represent a mosaic of endless combinatorics, algebra, and topology. The reader will locate various combinatorial purposes of the speculation, together with the vital units theorem, partition regularity of matrices, multidimensional Ramsey thought, and plenty of extra.

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Ellis [131], that if S is a locally compact semitopological semigroup which is a group then S is a topological group. That is, if S is locally compact and a group, then separate continuity implies joint continuity and continuity of the inverse. We shall prove this theorem in the last section of this chapter. 7. 2 that there is a semitopological semigroup which is not a topological semigroup. x/. Whenever we refer to a “basic” or “subbasic” open set in XX, we mean sets defined in terms of this subbasis.

Let f 2 XX. XX; V /. x// in X . XX ; V /, and so f is continuous. This establishes (a). XX; V / and every x 2 X . This is obviously the case if f is continuous. Conversely, suppose that f is continuous. Let hxà iÃ2I be a net converging to x in X. We define gà D xà , the function in XX which is constantly equal to xà and g D x. Then hgà iÃ2I converges to g in XX and so hf ı gà iÃ2I converges to f ı g. x/. Thus f is continuous, and we have established (b). 3. Let X be a topological space. The following statements are equivalent: (a) XX is a topological semigroup.

Let x 2 G and pick y 2 S such that ye D y and yx D xy D e. Note that indeed y does satisfy the requirements to be in G. 20. Let X be any set. x/ D x for every x 2 f ŒX . 12 Chapter 1 Semigroups and Their Ideals We next define the concept of a free group on a given set of generators. The underlying idea is simple, but the rigorous definition may seem a little troublesome. The basic idea is that we want to construct all expressions of the form a1e1 a2e2 akek , where each ai 2 A and each exponent ei 2 Z; and to combine them in the way that we are forced to by the group axioms.

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