By Maxim Chetverik, Alexander Raetsky

ISBN-10: 1857443721

ISBN-13: 9781857443721

During this ebook Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik have a look again at how Alekhine
defeated his rivals in mind-blowing kind. incorporated are a few of Alekhine's most renowned assaults
and wonderful mixtures. A deep research of his video games can't fail to encourage any actual chess fan.

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F. J. Marshall found Rifle Chess problems ‘remarkable’ (Fairy Chess Review, August 1947). The variant was a favourite of another master, C. H. O’D. Alexander, who gave the following example of opening play: 1 e4 e5 2 b3 Nf6 3 Bb5 xe4 (compulsory) 4 xd7+ Ke7 5 Ba3+ Ke6 6 xf8 xd2 7 xd8 and White’s position is overwhelming. An instant disaster for White would be 1 d4 e5! 2 xe5 Bb4+ and now White must give up the Q to let the K escape to d1. Traditionalists may find comfort in the fact that Seabrook wrote a book based on his personal experiences called Asylum.

Eteroscacco 74) Divide and Conquer (Ian Richardson, 2000). Each side has K, Q, 8xP (10 men only); White Ke1, Qd1, Ps 3rd rank, Black Kd8, Qe8, Ps 6th rank. A turn consists of moving K, Q, P in any order. Capture is by moving between two enemy men (both captured), blank squares not counting. 6 Immobilization Madrasi Chess (Abdul Karwatkar, 1979). Like men of opposite colours observing one another are paralysed and can neither move nor give check. A paralysed man however retains the power to paralyse: thus after 1 e4 d5 2 c4, all three pawns are inert.

The checking player dictates how check is to be parried. (Nost-algia 202) Patzer Chess (Tony Paletta, 1980). A player must check if it is possible to do so but may choose if more than one check is available. A player may win by ‘decimation’ - 10 consecutive checks. Hence perpetual check is a win for the player giving it. 2 Compulsions and restrictions relating to capture Must-Capture Chess, also known as Compulsion Chess, The Forced Game, The Ladies’ Game, The Maiden’s Game. Mentioned in the Alfonso manuscript (1283) where it is improbably ascribed to the ladies of Morocco.

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