By Prima Temp Authors, Talonsoft Inc.

ISBN-10: 0761532595

ISBN-13: 9780761532590

Wage campaigns and stay history!

Grab a replica of Age of Sail II: Prima's legitimate procedure Guide earlier than you command your ships to victory. Prima's consultant might help you capitan the main memorable send in historical past, providing you Prima's aid. Prima's reliable method consultant give's you:

• A primary word list of naval phrases for professional send navigation and management
• specified details on send layout for identity of enemy and allied ships
• powerful education advice for specialist seamen and landlubbers alike
• serious naval suggestions for a hundred old missions
• pointers on surviving conflict in single-player mode and multiplayer mode

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Squadron: Like the word fleet, a squadron is an assemblage of ships of war of uncertain number, generally fewer than 10. square-rigged ship: A ship with (mostly) square sails. Such ships have the advantage of a greater sail area for more speed and power under sail, but they can’t sail as close to the wind as fore-and-aft rigged vessels. standing rigging: All stays (ropes), such as backstays and forestays, that run from a mast to the sides of a ship. These helped hold a mast in place. stand on: To maintain the same course.

A quarterdeck might also have a smaller and higher poop deck raised on it. ) rail: The plank that forms the top of the bulwarks. rake: When a broadside sweeps a ship’s deck from end to end, either by lying athwart its bows or stern. Because most ships of the period had reinforced circular bows but flat, unreinforced sterns, a stern rake was generally more devastating than a bow rake. Also, the deviation of a vessel’s masts, bowsprit, stem, or sternpost from perpendicular. razee: A ship with its upper deck removed.

Only the finest commanders will read the wind properly and move to take advantage of the change or maneuver out of an unfavorable position. Wind and weather influence the sea’s behavior, in turn affecting the crew’s ability to shoot accurately. The ship’s bounce affects the range of its guns. The crew exercises the greatest influence on ship performance. Age of Sail II subjects its crews to the same trials and tribulations historical sailing crews faced. Their ability to shoot and inflict damage on the enemy is affected by their experience level, morale, and numbers, which in turn is affected by the battle’s progress: If the battle is going well, the crew remains intact and in good spirits; if not, the crew loses faith and makes mistakes or performs poorly.

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