By William C. Hinds

ISBN-10: 0471194107

ISBN-13: 9780471194101

New version of the textual content introducing the fundamentals of the sphere, together with sleek thought and functions. Chapters disguise such themes as homes of gases, bioaerosols, uniform particle movement, Brownian movement and diffusion, respiration deposition types, and sampling and dimension of focus. acceptable for execs, graduate scholars, and complicated undergraduates. makes use of twin devices, with SI devices fundamental and cgs devices secondary.

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P~gel~Ae S! ssew ~q~ S! ge -l~Ae ~q~ U! un seq ~! w) ! w 1I1! }0} ~q} ~q JV }~I PU1! ('p U! J snag 1! U! U1! AI~}~Idwo:) ~q} U! q} U! d Jo J~qwnu 1! g S! J~A1! 10} ~q} S! U! uno:) ~q! P J~qwnu ~q! A~Jd ~q! U! P ~q! P UU~W ssuw ~q! P ~q! p ssuw ~q! P UU~W ssuw ~q! '~nluA UU~W ~q! S! l! uno:) Aq s~duJg %06 S! UO:) I/i\oq V :SWJ~! ~Vd 98 87 MOMENT DISTRIBUTIONS The numeratorand denominatorof the rightmost side of Eq. From Eq. df = N (d- )2 - - I I S Substituting into Eq. 31) Thus, eachweightedmeandiametercan be written as the ratio of two momentaverages.

J! 'S! ~BqHBUJJou3oI ~OUS! L~Vd THE HATCH-CHOATE CONVERSION EQUATIONS 97 80 60 40 E 3 t 'Qj E ~ "-t; .. u 't ~ ~ 20 10 81 6 2. -. 1 2 I I I I . I I I I 10 30 50 70 90 Percentlessthan indicatedsize I. 14 Cumulative count and cumulative mass distributions on log-probability graph. representa bimodal distribution by two overlapping lognormal distributions. ) One great advantageof the lognormal distribution is that, for a given distribution, the geometricstandarddeviationremainsconstantfor all momentdistributions.

U! ~:)~s U! nb~ ~q~ SU! J~A1! ~U~WOW PU1! ~q~ S1! 11~M S1! ~sod S! ~! A1! S! ~~p 1! 54) The general conversion equation for any averagediameter described by Eq. 303, and logJOand lOX are used. When q = 0, Eq. 55 becomesthe conversionequation for the diameterof averagedP (Eq. 52). 55becomes the conversionequationfor the medianof the qth moment distribution (qMD). 2 gives the value of b to be usedin Eq. 1. The larger the coefficient in the conversionequation,the further that convertedaveragediameter is from the CMD.

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