By Joe Vitale

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If an ad fails to gain attention, it fails totally. Unless you gain the prospect’s attention, he or she won’t read any of your copy. And if the prospect doesn’t read your copy, he or she won’t receive the persuasive message you’ve so carefully crafted. There are numerous ways to gain attention. Sex certainly is one of them. Look at the number of products—abdominal exercises, health clubs, cars, Club Med, clothes, beer, soft drinks, chewing gum—that feature attractive bodies in their ads and commercials.

5. Do you establish CONFIDENCE? " You may have people interested in your ad. Now they're wondering if what you claim is really true. Dissolve their fears with testimonials, a guarantee, or any PROOF you have that it's safe to call you or order from you. 6. Do you make it EASY TO ACT? If you want your prospects to do something, have you TOLD THEM what to do? Have you given them the information they need so they can do it? Have you made responding to your ad or commercial a snap? 7. Do you give your prospects a reason to ACT AT ONCE?

If your price is going up, say so. If supplies are limited, say so. If this is a limited time offer, say so. Have you given people a logical and believable reason to take you up on your offer right now, this minute? ASSIGNMENT: Write an ad. Use the advertorial format. Pretend you are a reporter for your local paper. Write a news story about your product or service. The only difference here is, don't be afraid to rave about your business. Use testimonials. Mention satisfied customers. Give benefits.

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