By R. Goebel, E. Walker

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Linear groups, with an exposition of the Galois field theory

This vintage within the box of summary algebra has been referred to as "the first systematic therapy of finite fields within the mathematical literature. " Divided into sections-"Introduction to the Galois box conception" and "Theory of Linear teams in a Galois Field"-and full of examples and theorems, Linear teams continues to be suitable greater than a century after its book.

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Then the product F* @ F ' is a third irreducible K-representation of Clifford's theory of representations subgroups yields G~H G~HF.. 14 F := (F* @ F') t G~H. This theory also yields a result complete system of irreducible how we can obtain just a K-representations of G~H (cf. 15 If G is a finite group and closed field, then K an algebraically F = (F* @ F') t G~H runs exactly through a complete system of pairwise inequivalent and irreducible K-representations F of G~H, if runs through a complete system of pairwise not conjugate (with respect to K-representations of H') but irreducible G*, and, while F* is fixed, F" (cf.

Al~) of S2~Sn, then we obtain the associ- ated representation by forming its tensor product with the alternating representation of $2~S n with respect to the normal subgroup considered. 24 The alternating representations to S2~An, $2~S n representations of $2~S n An , $2~S n , respectively, A2 A2 (Inlo), (Oln), with respect are the (Olln), respectively. 25 (i) The ordinary irreducible representations of which are associated with (al~) $2~S n with respect to An S2~An, $2~S n , $2~S n A2 (a'l~') are: = (al~) ~ (Inlo), (~la) (~'I~') (ii) , respectively, A2 = (al~) | (oln), : (~I~ (olln)- | The ordinary irreducible representation $2~S n is selfassociated with respect to $2~S n , $2~S n (al~) of S2~A n , An A2 , respectively, if and only if A2 G = a' A ~ = ~, = ~', a = ~', respectively.

The inertia factor is ( S 2 . ( m [ S s ~ S 2 ] ~ / (S* N $2~S n A2 ) ~ SsNS2, so that the above extension produces the two irreducible representations 2] (o;2), and S S #[2]#[1 2] | (a;12) ' of the inertia group S2~(e[Ss~S2 ])A2. We notice that (c;2) = [a]#[m] | [ 2 ] ' , (C~;12) = [a]#[c] @ [12] ' yields s s (#[2]#[I 2 ] | ([~]#[a])') = @ L ((c;2) + ~ S2~(~[Ss~S2]) (a;12)) J extended to S2~(~[Ss~S2])A 2. 25 . e. the ordinary Hence (Celik/Pahlings/Kerber irreducible [I]) table of each is rational by Benson and Curtis [I]).

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