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This booklet used to be initially released ahead of 1923, and represents a replica of a huge old paintings, conserving an identical structure because the unique paintings. whereas a few publishers have opted to follow OCR (optical personality attractiveness) know-how to the method, we think this results in sub-optimal effects (frequent typographical mistakes, unusual characters and complicated formatting) and doesn't competently guard the historic personality of the unique artifact. We think this paintings is culturally very important in its unique archival shape. whereas we try to effectively fresh and digitally improve the unique paintings, there are sometimes cases the place imperfections equivalent to blurred or lacking pages, bad images or errant marks could have been brought as a result of both the standard of the unique paintings or the scanning strategy itself. regardless of those occasional imperfections, now we have introduced it again into print as a part of our ongoing worldwide e-book renovation dedication, offering clients with entry to the very best old reprints. We savour your realizing of those occasional imperfections, and in actual fact desire you take pleasure in seeing the publication in a layout as shut as attainable to that meant via the unique writer.

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After 61.. llxh4 62 �g5 and f5 looks worrying-but only draws. so he reverts to a line which he could have had with two more tempi-no matter, it still draws! h2 68 �f7 :a2 69 lle6+! �h7 70 f6 . 62 11g6+ Ith' Not 62 . '�f7 63 :g4 and �g5. 63 IIg4 Ith6 64 �16 g2 65 IS gl='IW . He demonstrated a different, ralher unlucky, method of losing. ¢'h5 is met by 66 :g8! �xh4 67 �e5! �h3 68 �f4 ! Now Black must play l:la8! drawing. Unfortunately he had taken so long to solve his earlier problems, that before he could find it he lost on time!

In a speed game, also against Sax, he tried 7 exd5 �d5 8 d4 cxd4 9 �d4 which is better for Black. However Sax won the game because he is better at quick chess than I am. If 28 ':el ':e2! 29 Ilxe2 '1'fI+! lle2) 30 g,a 1 'iIIe2! :re8 Black remains on top. Not 20 likI2 1:txe3. 7 6 c3 dS 7 d3 2811hdl Forced. 10<5. A dubious move intending a pawn sacrifice, but also weakening the black squares. 9 exdS IOxds 10 d4 cxd4 I I Iilxd4 Jl,g7 Black sacrifices a pawn. However 1 1 ... �c5 was possible. 12 �xe6 �xe6 13 "'xdS 0-0 14 'illbs Black is clearly better, but how should he continue?

Bxc4 28l:thel Threatening 29 l%e7. •. If the bishop moves, 22 f5 wins a piece. 0-0 23 h4 is very strong. 2311>1'2 While's advantage is now of decisive proportions-the only piece Black can move is his queen's rook, and that has nowhere useful to go. 13 ... g5 a6 What else? d2 was better. 32 IPg4 There's not much to choose between g4 and h3, so I leI my sense of humour decide. After 33 l:td7 I analysed 1 8 "'bl "'c7 19 f4 gsf4 10 esf4 �g6 11 "'f6 3 1 ¢lgi was also possible, but I felt that the king might be more vulnerable on the back rank.

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