By Peter F. Hamilton

ISBN-10: 075958043X

ISBN-13: 9780759580435

From the writer of the bestselling 'Night's Dawn' trilogy, a novella and 6 tales set within the comparable brilliantly realised universe.

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She shivered. She had no intention of breaking bones—or having her own broken—if she could avoid it. Their first days on Diplo were a constant struggle against the higher gravity and the measures they took to survive it. Lunzie hated the daily effort to worm her way into a clean pressure garment, the intimate adjustments necessary for bodily functions, the clinging grip that made her feel trapped all the time. Discipline could banish in her some of the fatigue that her colleagues, Tailler and Bias felt, at least for awhile, so that her fingers did not slip on the instruments or tremble when she ate.

Ford wished he had a way out, and knew he hadn't. The tank-hauler's crew had insisted he share their mess and his stomach was still rebelling. " asked Auntie Q, giving Ford another sharp look. But he'd been warned. Some of his outlay had been for the clothes which Auntie Q expected any gentleman to have at hand. "Of course ... " She beamed at him. "Not at all, dear. Men's clothes don't go out of date like that. All this nonsense of which leg to tie the ribbons on. That's ridiculous. " Auntie Q's favorite era of male dress had been thirty years back: a revival of 19th century Old Earth European.

Auntie Q greeted him with restrained affection; Madame Flaubert inquired volubly about his symptoms until Auntie Q raised a commanding hand. "Really, Seraphine! I'm sure dear Ford doesn't wish to discuss his shaky inner organs, and frankly I have no interest in them. " Madame Flaubert subsided, more or less, but commented that Ford's aura seemed streaky. Luncheon, despite this, was another culinary masterpiece. Ford savored every bite, aware that Sam had done a great deal with color and texture, while keeping the contents easy on a healing stomach.

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