By J. Weingreen

ISBN-10: 0198154224

ISBN-13: 9780198154228

A pragmatic Grammar for Classical Hebrew

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A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew

A pragmatic Grammar for Classical Hebrew

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It is impossible for any type of discrete unit simultaneously to completely precede and completely follow some other unitY Requirement (30a) also insures that precedence is irrefiexive, since a contradiction would result if x = y. This is also a fact about physics rather than about language, since nothing can precede or follow itself. Axiom (30b) states that the relation PRECEDES is transitive. Like (30a), this axiom follows from the application general laws of nature to the speech organs. Precedence in a phrase marker corresponds to order of pronunciation,16 and pronunciation takes place over time; therefore sentences and phrases have inherent linear properties.

For example, we find many word pairs which are apparently identical at the level of conceptual structure, but differ in how the variables in conceptual structure are mapped onto argument positions, and thus project different syntactic representations. Two simple examples are shown in (11) and (12). 31 SYNT ACTIC PROJECTION (11) a. Mary gave $50 to Bob. <1:. give 2 b. Mary received $50 from Bob. receive <1:. 2 (12) a. Mary learned Navajo from Hastiin Begaye. ~ knowledge of x go from y to Z b. Hastiin Begaye taught Navajo to Mary.

Actually, this condition will follow from the interaction of the Projection Principle and Theta Criterion with Chomsky's (1986a) Principle of Full Interpretation. All arguments in the theta grid must be projected, and all projected positions must be interpreted, so if an NP argument is projected but is not linked to a variable in LCS, it will not be able to receive an interpretation. ' Therefore, if we translate clause (ii) of the Projection Principle into the current terminology, we find that it is redundant given the Theta Criterion.

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