By Sidney B. Cahn, Boris E. Nadgorny, C.N. Yang

ISBN-10: 0306446790

ISBN-13: 9780306446795

So as to arm hopeful graduate scholars with the information essential to cross the qualifying exam, the authors have assembled and solved normal and unique difficulties from 4 significant American universities and Moscow Phys-Tech. quite a lot of fabric is roofed and comparisons are made among related difficulties of other colleges to supply the coed with sufficient details to believe cozy and assured on the examination.

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Show that the torque must be applied to keep the axis of rotation fixed. 40 Bug on Globe (Boston) A toy globe rotates freely without friction with an initial angular velocity A bug starting at one pole N travels to the other pole S along a meridian with constant velocity The axis of rotation of the globe is held fixed. 40). 41 Rolling Coin (Princeton, Stony Brook) A coin idealized as a uniform disk of radius with negligible thickness and mass rolls in a circle. The center of mass of the coin C moves in a circle of radius and the axis of the coin is tilted at an angle with respect to the vertical.

53 Superball in Weakening Gravitational Field (Michigan State) A superball is bouncing vertically up and down. It has a velocity when it strikes the ground. The acceleration due to gravity is slowly reduced by 10% during a very long period of time. 1 Marking Sticks (Stony Brook) Observer is travelling with velocity in the direction relative to observer O. 1). Each stick has a marking device (such as a spring-loaded pin) at the high (or end, capable of marking the other stick if it overlaps that stick when the marking devices are triggered.

This effect causes distortions which make the cube appear to the observer to be rotated. Find the expression for the apparent rotation and indicate the sign of the rotation with respect to the direction of motion of the cube and the line from the cube to the observer. 5 Relativistic Rocket (Rutgers) A rocket having initially a total mass ejects its fuel with constant velocity relative to its instantaneous rest frame. According to Newtonian mechanics, its velocity V , relative to the inertial frame in which it was originally at rest, is related to its mass M(V) by the formula a) Derive this result.

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