By Donald Stokes, Lillian

ISBN-10: 0316817236

ISBN-13: 9780316817233

Realize the fantastic good looks and variety of nature in wintry weather. full of interesting information regarding crops, animals, and average phenomena that may be saw in the course of the Northeast and North important areas of North the United States in wintry weather, the Stokes consultant to Nature in wintry weather will lead you to-and assist you relish and understand-the traditional wonders of the season. the themes coated contain: iciness weeds and wildflowers Winter's birds and deserted nests proof of bugs Animal tracks and symptoms Evergreen vegetation

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The plant is a biennial, growing a hardy rosette the first year and a zesty stalk the second. The plant, rare on the East Coast, is common from central New York to the Midwest. If you wear heavy gloves when picking it and have a floor vase to put the tall stalk in, Teasel's intricate designs can be a great source of visual enioyment throughout the winter. Tansy (Tanacetum uulgare) Tansy's rosette of leaves that lasts into winter is a real odoriferous treat. Dig down through the snow at the base of the winter stalk to get a small piece of one of the green fernlike leaves, crush it between your fingers, and smell it.

Fern spores, when they sprout, do not grow into a Winter Weeds / 45 Sensitioe F ern sunnner fronds plant of the same shape as the one they came from, but eaeh grows into a small heart-shaped leaf no taller than % inch. This new tiny plant reproduces sexually, growing both egg and sperrn cells. The fertilized egg then sprouts tall, green, leafy fronds - what we normally think of as ferns. Along with the green fronds it grows the spore-bearing stalk. The fronds die back after the first fall frost, but the spore-bearing stalk remains standing through the winter and into the next summer.

John's Day ( June z4), in order to repel bad spirits and iounteract the evil eye. In general, the presence of this plant was considered a good omen, and since it was thought that the plant warded off lightning and revealed the identity of passing witches, St. fohnswort was allowed to prosper around the farmhouse. It became known as St. John's Plant or St. ]ohnswort (usort meaning "plant" or "herb" ). When . lohnsusortflowerhead 44 / A Guide to Nature in Winter the plant immigrated to North America it left its traditions behind, and although still as effective as it probably ever was against evil, St.

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