By Haruko Momma, Michael Matto

ISBN-10: 1405129921

ISBN-13: 9781405129923

A spouse to the background of the English Language addresses the linguistic, cultural, social, and literary methods to language learn. the 1st textual content to provide a whole survey of the sphere, this quantity presents the main up to date insights of top overseas scholars.

  • An obtainable connection with the heritage of the English language
  • Comprises greater than sixty essays written through top foreign scholars
  • Aids literature scholars in incorporating language examine into their work
  • Includes an historic survey of the English language, from its Germanic and Indo- eu beginnings to trendy British and American English
  • Enriched with maps, diagrams, and illustrations from old publications
  • Introduces the newest scholarship within the field

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350 410 449 597 793–ca. 900 878 886 890s Indo-European languages spread throughout Europe and southern Asia, some already attested in writing for hundreds of years. (Baldi) Gradual sound shifts (Grimm’s Law) take place in Germanic languages. (Fulk) Julius Caesar invades Britain. Romans under Claudius conquer Britain; the “Roman Britain” period begins. Scandinavian Runic inscriptions are produced, which remain the oldest attestations of a Germanic language. (Baldi) Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus writes Germania.

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