By Lev Gutman

ISBN-10: 0713486074

ISBN-13: 9780713486070

The 1st in a proposed sequence of 3 books in regards to the Scotch video game. Many books were written approximately this chess commencing yet so much simply disguise previous research and reproduce video games from a database. This publication is exotic through its top quality and unique research, making it a 'must purchase' merchandise for membership and match gamers. A former moment of Viktor Korchnoi, the writer is additionally referred to as a superb professional on establishing thought.

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Ifd6! 0-0~ with a tremendous attack that probably outweighs the sacrificed piece. f3 'ifb6?! An ambitious continuation, nowadays obsolete, though it virtually forces White to give up a pawn. It is the only move that gives a certain independence to the 7 ... d6 line. 0-0 transposes to the normal Dragon. 0 8 ... ~d7 This will eventually transpose to lines examined in the chapter on the Dragon. 0 8 ... 4Jd7?! ii,b3! h4 tt:Jas?! ( 10 ... hS 1 1. 'it'd3! axb3± . The knight has moved too many times, to end up on b6 without prospects: 12 ...

Nowadays, it appears in all books about opening traps) 10 .. Jhf7 (10 ... tt:le6! tt:le6+Bastrikov -Shamkovich, So chi 19 S 8, and many later games. tt:lg4 Although Black wins the bishop pair with this move, the perfectly centralized position of White's pieces and his lead in development guarantees the first player a very pleasant advantage. Nowadays, it is a rare guest at tournament level. lr I* .... t. t. 8 :a. 1 0. 'it'd 1! ~h4!? , which is very interesting, but the text move is objectively stronger.

A4! ~xf6 is logical but after 12 ... + (Karjakin-Ivanchuk, Warsaw Ech 200S) and Black has seized the initiative) 12 ... ltJdS (the standard plan) 14 ... ~f4t ltJc4?? 'iYd3 1-0 AreschenkoWippermann, Gibraltar 2008. "i¥d2! 11 ... e6!? A radical measure to prevent the white knight from jumping to the dS-square, but it makes some concessions. The weakness of the d6-square becomes especially noticeable, and White will exploit it. a4! thanks to the previous bishop retreat, for example: 12 ... ltJdS ~eS (running into complications is almost forced: 13 ...

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