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Cook, Mercer, Ellingson, Borelli Kress, Walters, L'Heureux, Perryman Halverson, Leathers, Hockrneyer, Knapp Waller, Leyser, Gansberg, Lee Hewett, Cnlp, Korhorn, Yoakum Wood, Faison, Johnson, Fremaux Perrin, Burns, Dendle, Decker Thorne, Leyser, Gibson, Lee McDowell, Faison, Korhorn, Engle Notes: Completed tour: Capt. Roland J. Halverson May 8 (#109) Maj. Thorne led an escort from 0748 to lO08. Landfall and RN came south of Egmond at 0839 and the bombers were left west of Lingen at 0915 as other P-47's arrived.

M. 5)He III dam(grd)@ FlO EA. Forsyth Lt. 5)Go 2-12 dam(grd)@@@ Lt. B. 5)Go 242 dam(grd)*** 360tl1: LI. RJ. 5)Hc 111 dam(grd)** LI. L. 5)Go 242 dam(grd)@@@ Lt. H. 5)Oo 242 dam(grd)# Notes: Today was the last operational mission for Maj. Krieger, CO of the 360th. He would stay on as commander, however, umil the end ofthe momh. 361st: April 23 (#96) Col. Malmstrom led a sweep from 1300 to 1650. The group crossed in at 1343 near Ostend then proceeded to Hagenau Airfield. The 359th led the attack by dropping parachute frag-bombs, followed by the other squadrons dive-bombing the field.

Four planes of the 359th dropped on the Thome, Vossler, Fanner, Weber 360th: 361 st: Meholic, O'Barr, Knudsen, Rubner Vogt, Anderson, Knapp, Mercer Withers, Russell, Hockmeyer, Obosla Cota, Leidy, Maxwell, Leathers Cook, Borelli, L'Heureux, Walters Bailey, Leyser, Gibson, Fremaux railbridge at Hassell, scored two hits, but caused no damage. Four P-47's of the 360th missed the bridge entirely, and four 361 st ships put one bomb on a secondary bridge three miles away. Everyone then headed for home, crossing out at 1930 in the Blankenberge area.

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