By Raymond F. Yates


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A little machine that will deal playing cards automatically. The present machines are not satisfactory. 569. An indestructible ping-pong or table-tennis ball. 570. Basketballs and footballs that will not leak air. The same principle could be applied to auto tires. 571. An indestructible dental burr. At present these must be frequently replaced or reground. 572. A really humane dog muzzle that will permit the animal to eat without entire removal of the muzzle. 573. A system for speeding up the ripening of oranges after they have been picked.

595. The makers of wall board are now looking for a method of holding thin sheet metal or foil to the surface of the various compositions used for this purpose. 596. An oil can that will deliver oil to the spout at the first pressure applied to the bottom. 6o8. A. new unbreakable and collapsible ruler. 610. A method of keeping ice off the sidewalks in the front of business houses. 6n. A cigarette case that will keep the tobacco fresh for an indefinite period of time. [84] 2 I 00 NEEDED INVENT IONS 6r2.

_S-' 431. An all-metal kitchen paring knife that would be comfortable to use. No wood should be used and only a single pieceof metal employed in the construction of the article. 432. A new means of fastening a necklace that will prevent loss ... The small, delicate catches used today are not practical and many very valuable pieces of jewelry have been lost through their failure. 433. A bed spring that could be sold with a guarantee againstsqueaking would be sought by several million light sleepers.

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