By Wehrfritz B.A.F.

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Linear groups, with an exposition of the Galois field theory

This vintage within the box of summary algebra has been referred to as "the first systematic remedy of finite fields within the mathematical literature. " Divided into sections-"Introduction to the Galois box conception" and "Theory of Linear teams in a Galois Field"-and filled with examples and theorems, Linear teams is still appropriate greater than a century after its book.

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For s e c o n d map b e i n ~ The s p a c e T ( F ) the Fuchsian a_~n i s o m o r p h i s m ) . is called the Teichm~ller space group F. B e f o r e we c a n c o n t i n u e m a p p i n g s , we m u s t t u r n the investigation t o a more c a r e f u l of the above examination of §4. THE FUCHSIAN CASE For r Fuchsian, we denote by B(r) = B2(F,L) space of bounded automorphie forms of weight support in the lower half plane, For ~ E M(F), let ~ the Banach -4 for F with L (see Gardiner's be the Schwarzian derivative lecture).

Is the loxodromic (ii). If (ii) h o l d s , = F(~) But such fixed points are dense in transformation (iii) holds, then each polynomial A, U has for every loxodromic with fixed point O n e concludes, by the continuity of F, vanishes on then ~, an infinite set, and therefore P (z) = 0. Y A then that F I h = 0. ). ) q are )(y(z))y'(z) q = ~(z) if we k2-q(z). holomorphic let ~ =k 2- Furthermore, and 2%, one such it is can easily # show that Theorem Yl-q, 5. 1 ~ = U, Consider and so u E M where i(~) = k2-q~ - and Proof: What generalized of i(~) must A q and z /~ > H I ( F , - ~ 2 q _ 2 ) is defined as before.

Since B(F) is a finite dimensional space, it can be shown using the implicit function theorem that ~(M(F)) = ~(T(F)) is open in B(F). 1 (Bers [8]). The Teichm~ller space T(F) has a unique complex structure so that : M(F) ~ T(F) i___ssholomorphic with local holomorphic sections. We can realize T(F) as a bounded domain (of holomorphy) i__%B(r). Further T(r) i_~stopolo~ically a cell. The fact that T(r) is a domain of holomorphy was proven by Bers-Ehrenpreiss [12]. ) Teichm~ller's theorem (see for example Ahlfors [2] or Bers [6]) implies a unique that every ~ £ M(F) Teichm~ller coefficient coefficient; is equivalent to that is, a Beltrami ~ with ~(z) = k ~(~)/I~(~)I , z ~ U, k ~ ~, 0 ~ k < l, It follows 0 /~ easily from this result (as topological depends been obtained simple proof [13] show that T(F), only on the type of r.

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